SpaceFarers Master Press Agent

SpaceFarers Master Press Agent
Working with the creative staff as well as with external entities such as travel services and hotels, the SpaceFarers Master Press Agent will establish and maintain good public relations through publicity in all media with an emphasis on drawing visitors to events.

We're looking for a partner to help develop a space program for the rest of us by using media of all sorts to convey the excitement we feel about a future with a high frontier. We are an evolving theme park/event space. Our guests will be people who currently only hope for change, and perhaps never think of frontier settlement as a solution to their problems. They may believe in sustainability as something "off the grid", self-sufficiency, or survivorship without realizing that they are all the same thing, that a space colony is just a place so sustainable it doesn’t even need a planet. Introduce them to a multi-species community brimming with applicable technology, mostly for sale in the stage-crafted equivalent of a Renaissance fair for anyone who would stand on the surface of a new world and look beyond it to the next one.


No salary; equity 0.4 to 4%

Instruction to interested parties:
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